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Hexcentrix was born in 2013 with the purpose of offering the best service in mechanics and premium brands in Guadalajara, Mexico. Everyone at Hexcentrix are passionate riders from dirtjump, Enduro, freeride, downhill and CX, so we know exactly what we offer! Simply the best bike workshop and store in Mexico, made by riders for riders. What distinguishes us from the others? Commitment and passion for cycling! In 2014 Hexcentrix grows together with the distribution of high end products in Mexico as well as the constructions of ramps, trails and tracks, from MTB to concrete pump tracks and dirt jumps. In 2015 Hexclinics was born, a company dedicated to teach the little ones how to be a MTB rider in all the disciplines, through on site mentoring and guided practice. For this and much more, we are rated as one of the best cycking companies in Mexico. Digging and ripping since 2013.

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